New Collaboration with Joel F. Kirk

Tacet(i) and Piyawat commission new work for ensemble through British Council Grant 2024: Connection Through Cultures. The project initiates new music performance and event: “SoundSculpt: Exploring Sonic Diversity through Pastoral and Industrial Cultures from Manchester and Bangkok”. The project will happen in June 11th - 16th, 2024.
Description: A cultural exchange blending Manchester and Bangkok’s pastoral and industrial cultures through music and art. Performances, discussions, workshops, and a lab collaboration explore shared cultural issues, evolving technology, and human-machine interplay.

Invitation to Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tacet(i) is invited by the composer Zhuozheng Jin, an assistant professor of composition from Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen (CUHK). We will perform a new program for violin and viola duo.

Concert: Tacet(i) in China, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, 22 March 2024

Works by: Zhuozheng Jin, Thanakarn Schofield, Emily Koh, Piyawat Louilarpprasert and Anselm McDonnell.

2023 IntAct Festival: Making Things

This is the year 5th that Tacet(i) performed at Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC) as an ensemble in residence at IntAct Festival. The ensemble performed 6 concerts and curated 2 performance at the festival, as well as mentored in the composition institute program (ICIT) from 18th – 24th December, 2023. All the concerts includes:

2 Concerts – International Composition Institute of Thailand (ICIT)

Works by: Amadea Halim (Indonesia), Amir Khalaf (Egypt), Chi-Yen Huang 黃祈諺 (Taiwan), Daiwei Lu (China/Japan), Daniel Serrano (Austria), Daniel Cui (China/USA), Li Pengyi (China), Jing Wang (China), Marc Perez (USA), Michael Mills (USA), Ng Kwun Ho (Hong Kong), Pablo Martínez Teutli (Mexico/USA), Solomon Kim (USA), Young-Jun Lee (South Korea/USA)

Performance: Sonic Sculpt

Works by Chinnapat Charoenrat, Tanawat Naruepai, Poomrapee Japaksetr, Mahakit Mahaniranon (Lost) Consciousness, Jirapat Krutniyom, Zhuosheng Jin

Performance: Operation//feedBACK

Works by: Watchara Pluemyart, Poumpak Charuprakorn, Miles Jefferson Friday Sonic Operator,

featured artists: Scott Wilson, Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Face Shield X [B]P.M. feedBACK>>>Forward and Tacet(i) Ensemble.

Performance: Immersion//Landscapes 

Works by: Thatchatham Silsupan, Komsan Nomhunsa, Scott Wilson, Jia Yi Lee, Jonas Regnier

Curated Performance: TAK(e) On Me

Works by Thanakarn Schofield, Alric Samuel Godfrey, Erin Gee, Tyshawn Sorey, Eric Wubbles, Ashkan Behzadi Deseo

performed by TAKensemble (USA)

Performance: Underground Makeover 

Works by Jason Thorpe Buchanan, Daria Kwiatkowska, John Franek, Kyle Rivera, Runzhi Zhong, Jiradej Setabundhu

Curated Performance: Remaking Orchestra

works by Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Emily Koh, Zhong Juncheng
conducted by Boon Hua Lien, soloists from Tacet(i) Ensemble

more info:, FB: @intactthailand


We are thrilled to announce our upcoming concert tour in China this coming October! Our ensemble member: Ms. Christathai Pakamai (clarinet), Mr. Pisol Manatchinapisit (saxophone), Mr. Siravith Kongbandalsuk (trombone), Mr. Noppakorn Auesirinucroch (electric guitar), Mr. Tapanatt Kiatpaibulkit (viola), and Mr. Tanapat Ogaslert (DJ/electronics will be joining and performing the ICMC Internation Computer Music at Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen and China-AEAN Festival at Guangxi Arts University of Nanning.
Together, they will be delivering the pieces by Chinese and Thai composers including Lin Xinyuan, Chen Wei, Zhou Shaocong, Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Thanakarn Schofield, and Nattakon Lertwattanaruk.

For more information, please see our schedule below.

October 15th – 18th
ICMC International Computer Music at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

Collaborative performance by Tacet(i) Ensemble and composer Piyawat Louilarpprasert.

October 19th
China-ASEAN Festival at Guangxi Arts University, Nanning.
A magnificent work by Piyawat Louilarpprasert’s titled ‘reflux’ for soprano/alto saxophone and orchestra, with Pisol Manatchinapisit (soloist) and China-ASEAN festival’s orchestra.

October 21st
China-ASEAN Festival at Guangxi Arts University, Nanning.
A diverse selection of compositions by Lin Xinyuan, Chen Wei, Zhou Shaocong, Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Thanakarn Schofield, and Nattakon Lertwattanaruk, performed by the Tacet(i) Ensemble.


Tacet(i) performed for the 10th anniversary of PGVIS this year from 23 – 26 of AUG 2023.

Our members of the ensemble will present their own works and perform within several performances during the symposium.

Intercultural Encounters: 24th August 2023, 19.00
Kerk Jaree – Solo Keyboard and Harpsichord [to György Ligeti]

Musica Ricercata No.3 and 7

Étude No. 13 “L’escalier du diable”


The Virtual Real: 26th August 2023, 19.00
Shrimps/Raptors (2023) by Piyawat Louilarpprasert

Celebrating the Now: 26th August 2023, 21.00
Basilisk (2023) by Nattakon Lertwattanaruk
Droplet Music (2023) by Siravith Kongbandalsuk
Performed by Noppakorn Auesirinucroch Pisol Manatchinapisit Siravith Kongbandalsuk Saksilpa Srisukson

For the full program please visit:


We are very excited to announce our project “Vocality in Transculturalism” during 7th – 10th June at Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music (PGVIM).
Taceti performed a selection of pieces and new compositions by Anselm McDonnell and Piyawat Louilarpprasert!!
We want to express our gratitude to British Council Thailand for making this collaboration happens!

Double Portrait Program of Piyawat Louilarpprasert and Anselm McDonnell

Excerpt from Dino for Dino-bone solo

have yourself #42.2 for saxophone solo

Squeaky Clean for 4 performers with installation

The Anguish of John Paton for viola solo

Eyewitnesses of his majesty: Judas, who betrayed him, for guitar solo

A single tree is not called a forest for sextet (New Commission)


Southeast Asia New Music and Art Foundation (SANMA) with support by Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC) and Contemporary Art Promotion Fund present “Ma-Nuea”, Classical Contemporary music workshop and concert based on Northern dialect during 18 – 20 June 2023 at CRK Recital Hall, Payap University, Chiang Mai featuring with Thai and international artists including AnoThai Nitibhon, Anselm McDonnell, Piyawat Louilarpprasert, TACETi Ensemble and many guests.
Date: 18th June 2566
Time: 13.00 – 16.00 Workshop Open Rehearsal by Tacet(i) Ensemble
Date: 19th June 2566
Time: 12.00 – 13.00 Performance
Date: 20th June 2566
Time: 13.00 – 16.00 Workshop by Asst. Prof. Dr Anothai Nitibhon
***Open to public participation
***Please bring your musical materials (instrument or object)
Free admission


Composition for Ensemble by Anothai Nitibhon

have yourself #42.2 for saxophone solo by Piyawat Louilarpprasert

Squeaky Clean for 4 performers with installation by Piyawat Louilarpprasert

The Anguish of John Paton for viola solo by Anselm McDonnell

A single tree is not called a forest for sextet by Anselm McDonnell

2022 IntAct Festival: New Act, Vocality and Transmutation

This is the year 4th that Tacet(i) performed at Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC) as an ensemble in residence at IntAct Festival. The ensemble performed 9 performances at the festival, as well as mentored in the composition institute program (ICIT) from 19th – 25th December, 2023. The hightlight was the commission by the Goethe Instiut Koproduktion Funk (IKF) for the new stage works by Piyawat Louilarpprasert, and the production team.


2 Concerts for International Composition Institute of Thailand (ICIT) Concert

works by Paulo Brito, Zi Tao Chua, Manjing Zhang, Irene Tanuwidjaja, Yayi Wira Pamungkas, Kostas Zisimopoulos, Ethan Resnik, Kyle Rivera, Evan Lawson, Runzhi Zhong Frozen, Joel Frederick Kirk, Filippo Lepre

Performance 1: Young Artist Commissions

works by Chawin Temsittichok Conjuring, Nichagarn Chiracharasporn, Jirath Patpradit (徐理仙), Nattakon Lertwattanaruk, Thanakrit Amornwetsanti, Alric Samuel Godfrey, Mahakit Mahaniranon Madman in the paradise

Performance 2: Voicing, Chiming, Resonating

works by John Eagle, Boonrut Sirirattanapan, Ying-Ting Lin, Tze Yeung Ho

Performance 3: Mirroring, Speaking, Intermediating 

works by Toh Yan Ee, Giordano Bruno do Nascimento

Performance 4: Necromancy for Beginners 

works by Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Martin Butler

Performance 5: Sounds, Tradition, Transmutation

works by Scott Wilson, Thanakarn Schofield, Matthias Leboucher, Saksri Pang Vongtaradon, Eleni Ralli The Butterfly Effect (2022)

Performance 6: Trance, Mystery, Dramaturgy

works by Jason Thorpe Buchanan, Emily Koh, Zhuosheng Jin, Jiradej Setabundhu

Performance 7: Necromancy for Beginners


more info:, FB: @intactthailand

USA Tour

As a part of CCA Biennial Project and Music Department Concert Committee Project, Tacet(i) Ensemble from Thailand is curating experimental concert performances, interdisciplinary music workshops and a mini conference (Nov 2 - 5). This event will be a collaboration between Cornell composers/artists, Piyawat Louilarpprasert, and Tacet(i) Ensemble members: Ms. Christhatai Paksamai (clarinet), Ms. Kantika Comenaphatt (cello), Mr. Siravith Kongbandalsuk (trombone), Mr. Pisol Manatchinapisit (saxophone), and Noppakorn Auesirinucroch (guitar). The project intends to organize a series of performances and workshops centered on extended instruments and global sounds concerning the idea of sonic identities and instrumental connotation in global cultures.

Apart from Cornell related events, please accept our gratitude, it has been a wild 3-weeks-long, 10 concerts, working with 28 composers and 35 pieces. We have listed all the concerts here below and we would like to give our huge thanks to:

Main Supporters:
Cornell Biennial 2022
Cornell Music Department and Southeast Asia Program
Telluride Association

CUNY Graduate Center Music Department
Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University
Ithaca College
An die Musik
Mudita America Inc.
Tesselat Composer Collective
Spectrum NYC

Special thanks to Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri and Piyawat Louilarpprasert for brining us here and helping with organizing things! Thank you to all composers and guest performers for such a wonderful works and collaborations.

Tour Concerts:
11/2 Extended Instruments, Global Sounds, Barnes Hall, CU, Ithaca
Works by: Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei, Thanakarn Schofield, Jia Yi Lee, Travis Christopher Johns, Laura Cetilia, John Eagle, Miles Jefferson Friday feat. Ariana Kim, violin

11/3 Human and Machine, Lincoln Hall, CU, Ithaca
Works by: Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri

11/5 Transcending Tradition, Lincoln Hall, CU, Ithaca
Collaboration with CU Gamelan Ensemble, Christopher J. Miller, Jack Neiberg

11/7 Piyawat’s Light Music and Classics, Telluride House, Ithaca
Works by: Piyawat Louilarpprasert, feat. @Thomas Feng, piano

11/9 Ithaca College Composer Concert, IC, Ithaca
Works by: IC’s composers

11/11 Peabody Composers Music Reading, John Hopkins University, Baltimore
Works by: Li Chenghao, Yizhen Lyu, Michael Li

11/12 Tacet(i) Ensemble in Baltimore, with Mudita America Inc., An die Musik
Works by: Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei, Seo Yoon Kim, Christopher Enloe, Kyle Brenn, Udi Perlman, Jia Yi Lee, feat. Ryo Hasegawa, conductor

11/17 Tesselat Composer Collective Concert, Noppakorn A., MISE-EN place, NYC
Works by: Jean-Patrick Besingrand, Amy Brandon, Chatori Shimizu, Ramin Akhavijou

11/18 CUNY Composer Music Reading, CUNY Graduate Center, NYC
Works by: Julio E. Quiñones Santiago, @Nicholas Tran, Tobias Fandel, Qi Xia, Yule Han

11/18 Tacet(i) Final Concert at Spectrum, with Mudita America Inc., NYC
Works by: Erika Dohi, Kyle Brenn, Thanakarn Schofield, Jean-Patrick Besingrand, Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri, Piyawat Louilarpprasert, in collaboration with Benjamin Tausig, Joseph Ehrenpreis and Mudita America, feat. Daniel Matei, drumset and Ariel Mo, piano


more info:, FB: @intactthailand

Website Under Maintenance

We are in the process of updating our website, including our history of performances and events. We will complete them by June 2024

Tacet(i) funded by British Council 2021-22

Tacet(i) at Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium 2021

Tacet(i) Online Series

Tacet(i) is happy to announce a virtual concert series 2021. Due to the pandemic situation in Thailand, we are continuing to do online-streaming performances with works by wonderful composers during July - October. The specific program will be announced prior to the time of each performance. We are very much looking forward to continuing our performance with all amazing composers. Please stay tuned!

Tacet(i) at PGVIM: The Next Classical 2020

supported by Japan Foundation, performing works by Masafumi Rio Oda, Shin Mizutani and Piyawat Louilarpprasert

Tacet(i) Crowdfunding Campaign

Tacet(i) Ensemble is a group of musicians and performers for contemporary art and music. We are fundraising for new performances and projects that involve artists and composers from over the world in our 2022-23 season.

Established in 2014, Tacet(i) has been creating a variety of works from concert music, theatrical performance, interdisciplinary projects, and technological collaboration. The recent pandemic caused such big issues for most artists, performers, and collaborators in many regions. Our ensemble would like to continue our mission to perform works by both local and international artists, to collaborate with creative people, and to give the light of hope to all colleagues with our performances with full support. So that we would like to run this fundraising campaign to create diverse music and art projects during the 2022-23 season. Please see here our attempt:

  1. Commissioning Composers Project 2022 (International Composers)
  2. 10 Online Concert Series 2022-23 (Mixed Artists)
  3. Tacet(i) X Mudita in Japan-Thailand Tour 2022 (Asian Performing Artists)
  4. New Orient Volume II: Call for Works for International Artists (Interdisciplinary Project)
  5. Young Composer Workshop 2022-23 (Thai Artists)

We would like to thank you very much for all of your support. We are looking forward to all of your support to continue our mission to support fresh and new artistic works of today.

Tacet(i) X Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players

works by  Joshua Biggs, Miles Friday, John Eagle, Laura Cetillia, Han Xu, Charles White


Tacet(i) 2020 Events:

more concerts, workshops and performances by Taceti Ensemble


CNN News Reported: Meet the rebel Thai composer taking music to unheard heights

CNN News: Young and Gifted the series
interviewed by Karla Cripps, Tham Dan

CNN News reporter reported our ensemble director Piyawat Louilarpprasert. He shared new aspect of art, music and one of his recent performative piece, Smelly Tubes for ensemble Taceti and Princess Galayani Vadhana Institute of Music Performers.

Link to the interview and video: here

Winners Announcement

Tacet(i) Ensemble Call for Scores 2020


Tacet(i) Ensemble Call for Scores 2020

Tacet(i) is happy to announce 2020 Call for Score which aims to perform selected piece virtually through social media platforms. We are seeking for new pieces and creative works to be featured in our performance season during August, as well as a collection of our ensemble's repertoires.


  • - No application Fees
  • - Regardless of Ages, Genders, Nationalities and Number of Submissions
  • - Any combination from 1 - 7  instruments from the list: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, piano, guitar, percussion, 2 violins, viola, cello, electronics (any media are possible: videos, installations etc.)
  • - 3 - 5 works will be selected to perform virtually during August 2020  
  • - Upload your piece(s) and 1 - 3 pages CV in PDF with a google drive or dropbox link and send to (all material should be in 1 link)
  • - Deadline: 15 July 2020
  • - More information:, email:,


Beyond Boundaries: Thailand New Music and Art Symposium 2019

Piyawat Louilarpprasert is appointed as an artistic director and curator for Thailand New Music and Art Symposium 2019 at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand. The event was such a success with more than 70 participants (artists, composers, performers) from around the world and full house audience (500pp +). This huge success leads him to continue as a TNMAS director in 2020. This year event is kindly supported by Princess Galayani Vadhana Institute of Music, Mario Einaudi Centre, Cornell University, and many more, as well as, great collaboration with Ensemble Laboratory and ensemble Taceti


Collaborative Concert in Funabashi-City Nishi-Narashino: Noppakorn Auesirinucroch X Kazue Takehana

One of Taceti Member, Noppakorn Auesirinucroch will collaborate with Japanese artist, Kazue Takehana to perform new works by Thai, Japanese and international composers at 7pm, August 3rd, 2019,  274-0815 Chiba Prefecture Funabashi-City Nishi-Narashino 4-2-1, Japan. Proud of him.




Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium

6 - 7 July, 2019, Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), Bangkok Thailand

Tacet(i) is back with a new collaboration with Thailand Music and Arts Organization and Ensemble Laboratory to curate a symposium of arts and music. We are launching Call for Scores, Artist and performers.

more info:


Romantic Symphony VS Contemporary

15 – 16 February 2019, Prince Mahidol Hall, Salaya, Thailand

Tacet(i) Members; Pisol Manatchinapisit will perform Piyawat Louilarpprasert new saxophone concerto, Pixels with Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, Alfonso Scarano, conductor,

Guntiga Comenaphatt is also one of the member of the orchestra.



Buchanan – “all-forgetting-is-retrieval” (2019) for Tacet(i): septet, augmented conductor, and electronics

Louilarpprasert – Smelly Tubes (2019) for 14 instrumentalists

SUTHIYAM – Art Abstract for Ensemble and Dancer

LOUILARPPRASERT – P(l)ay your Sin in Hell for prepared guitar and sax neck with tube

SOOKJAENG – Flashback for Ensemble