In the past 5 years, Tacet(i) have been performed/premiered over 400 works by composers, and collaborated with artists from various disciplines. Our playlists contain more than 200 recordings of contemporary works and music where you can look up to our full list of library, our youtube channel or playlist 1, playlist 2 and playlist 3.

Playlist I: Works for Ensemble

List of Works from Playlist I: Works for Ensemble

Matthias Leboucher — I tried so hard to be quiet for Trombone, Keyboard, Violin, and Vibraphone
Luis Miguel Delgado Grande – Tiempo Cero for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, and piano
Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Smelly Tubes for 14 instrumentalists
Thanakarn Schofield  – Mono-Morphing for soprano saxophone, clarinet, trombone, violin and cello
Anselm McDonnell – A single tree is not called a forest for sextet
Enrique Medoza – Zenosyne for saxophone, piano, and percussion
Yi-Ting Lu – Raindrops on Cracked Mud for bass flute, soprano saxophone, percussion, and piano
Wenbin Lyu – TURBULENT MIND for mixed sextet
Wen Liu – Infinite Configuration for tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, and guitar
Filippo Lepre — Strappi Svelano Scorci for Septet
Tze Yeung Ho — söpöhöpö for mezzo, percussion, electric piano, viola, and cello
Mauro Hertig – One Last Time, the Same for two soprano saxophones
Eleni Ralli – Whatever makes you happy  for ensemble
Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei – At any rate – II for strings quartet
Kyle Rivera — Seraphim for Quintet
Ying-Ting Lin — Memories of Landscape
Nathanael Gubler – Der Schattentanz des Kalifen Storch for piano trio with electronics
Masatora Goya – ONOKORO Concerto for hichiriki and strings
Chung Shih Hoh – Secret Music One for ensemble
Oswald Huỳnh – Frequent Wind for trio and amplified music box
Joel Frederick Kirk — Calendar of murmurs for Septet
Geli Li – Long Nights for percussion, clarinet, alto saxophone and cello
Emily Koh – within the inside down for trombone solo
Emily Koh – aphonia for vocalizing violin and viola
Jia Yi Lee — eclipse II for saxophone and clarinet
Mahakit Mahaniranon – กล่อม Glom, Lullaby for Nightmare for violin, viola, cello and electric keyboard
Nattakon Lertwattanaruk — Buzzes for ensemble
Evan Lawson — Echoes from the Labyrinth for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, and cello
Laura Cetilia – as metal as air for ensemble and objects
Nathanael Gubler – on line for solo baritone saxophone
Kevin Leomo – limen for clarinet, trombone, electric guitar, cello, piano, percussion
Kevin Lang – The Art of Baroque for clarinet, cello and piano
Paulo Brito — Shadow Steps for Alto Flute Solo
John Aulich – Billows of Muteness, Movement 1 for violin, gravity bone (prepared trombone) and live electronics
Peter Kramer – Dein Bildnis for solo piano
Anothai Nitibhon – Utter for clarinet, cello and piano
Irene Tanuwidjaja — Disconnect III for Ensemble
Andrew Watts – Wirewound for mixed chamber ensemble
Thanakarn Schofield – Ideo – Intact for flute, bass clarinet, violin & viola
Thanakarn Schofield – …Dust Pile for ensemble
Thanakarn Schofield – Cyclic – Off Shift for saxophone, percussion, piano, electric guitar, and violin
Thanakarn Schofield – Shaman for trombone, tuba, percussion
Varis Sirisook – BOW & AERO:Takes Off for electric guitar and string quartet
Toh Yan Ee — Mirrors for solo Trombone
Toh Yan Ee – H X B X T X T for amplified Ensemble
Toh Yan Ee – Iridescent shadows for flute and bass clarinet
Manjing Zhang — Vicissitudes for Ensemble
Kostas Zisimopoulos — Interruptions for Ensemble
Runzhi Zhong — Frozen TIme for alto flute, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, and keyboard
Jonas Regnier – Thickness Rain for flute, clarinet, percussion, electric guitar, piano and cello
Eleni Ralli — The Butterfly Effect for ensemble
Jeremy Rosenstock – trumpet -> ear -> drum for trombone, tuba and percussion
Yuting Tan – Dream Sequence for saxophone, trombone, percussion, electric guitar and piano
Chudalux Pinan – Bases for Spiritual Power for piano trio
John Franek – KATADROSERA for mixed chamber ensemble
Alric Godfrey – Quartet for flute, trombone, cello and classical guitar
Eleni Ralli – 5 Mysterious Scenes for solo violin
Ethan Resnik — Lighthearted Allusions for Ensemble
Laura Cetilia – Sinking, into place for Strings, Flute, Clarinet and Tuba
Chawin Temsittichok — Conjuring for alto saxophone, trombone, and cello
Chinnapat Charoenrat – Inequality
Chinnapat Charoenrat – Action Potential for piano trio
Viskamol Chaiwanichsiri – and thus, the lotus blooms for ensemble
Zi Tao Chua — Composition for an Electric Ensemble
Nichagarn Chiracharasporn — Cantabile for solo saxophone
Nichagan Chiracharasporn – The Formation for chamber ensemble
Luk Wai-Chun – Blue Pole for string quartet
Alric Godfrey — (a)Systematic Meta-Transmutations for Clarinet, Viola and Percussion
Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Play Your Sin in Hell” for sax neck with tube and guitar with object
Mahakit Mahaniranon – Madman in the paradise for 4 players
Candra Bangun Setyawan – Brandal Lokajaya for 8 musicians flute, clarinet in Bb, alto saxophone, percussion, e-guitar, violin, viola and cello
Pongthorn Techaboonakho – Resilience for viola solo
Saksri Pang Vongtaradon — Demon Who Lives Inside My Head for Vocal, Cello, Percussions and Video
Sergio Cote – Lineas del Raval for cello solo
Chawin Temsittichok – In-between resonances for chamber ensemble
Wiwat Suthiyam - Art Abstract for Ensemble and Dancer
Attakorn Sookjeang - Flashback for Ensemble

Playlist II: Works for Ensemble with Multimedia and Technology

List of Works from Playlist II: Works for Ensemble with Multimedia and Technology

Jason Thorpe Buchanan – all-forgetting-is-retrieval for ensemble with sensor conductor and electronics
Scott Wilson — ข้างนอก (outside) for Ensemble
Miles Jefferson Friday Variable Needles for amplified saxophone, clarinet, guitar and turntable
Miles Jefferson Friday – for bass clarinet, trombone, cello, contact microphones, loudspeakers, and motors, acoustic instruments and sound sculpture
Panayiotis Kokoras – Cymatics for cymbal
Mathieu Lacroix – North Star for solo flute & electronics
John Eagle – Diamond rotations, for 6 mobile instrumental performers
Jirath Patpradit – Black, Hero (黑,ヒーロー) For violin, viola and electronic sounds
Jason Thorpe Buchanan — Emergent Phenomena for electric guitar, alto saxophone, bass trombone, and generative electronics
Sergio Cote – n for mixed chamber ensemble sine tones, and two loudspeakers
Jean-David Caillouët – Conformity Obscures Visions of Independent Desires
Nicolas Roulive – Toccatina for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano and electronics
Ying-Ting Lin – …And Liszt Moaned Samsara for ensemble and electronics
Sergio Cote – space I for two performers with bluetooth wireless speakers, pink noises(s), and ensemble
Jason Thorpe Buchanan – oggetti II for the TACETi Ensemble and TNMAS 2021
Akari Komura – Deep beneath the feet for soprano (alto) saxophone, tenor trombone, tuba, guitar and percussion
Jakob Stillmark – Geisterschatten for ensemble and electronics
Scott Wilson — Ember for Ensemble and Live Electroacoustics
Scott Wilson – Flame for violin and electroacoustic
Jirath Patpradit – Hong Kong 2019 for electronic and video
Yayi Wira Pamungkas — Dopplering DIY for Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Violoncello, and Electronics
Thanakrit Amornwetsanti — Wet Fingers for alto saxophone, violin, percussion, and electronics
Narong Prangcharoen – The Dawn Of Darkness for tenor saxophone and fixed media “motion score”
Kittiphan Janbuala – With The Bee Gees for amplified guitar and amplified bass clarinet with overdrives and reverbs
Jirath Patpradit – Recession for Solo Instrument, Vocal and Electronics
Pongthorn Techaboonakho – Clarirage for clarinet and electronics
Pongthorn Techaboonakho – Tête-à-tête for violin, cello and electronic
Waris Sukontapatipark – Solfège for flute and guitar with electronic
Chuck White – Artifacts of memory for ensemble and electronics
Josh Biggs – and or in between for strings trio and tape

Playlist III: Collaborative Works, Theater and Interdisciplinary Production

List of Works from Playlist III: Collaborative Works, Theater and Interdisciplinary Production

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Necromancy for Beginners, an immersive theater
Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri — Contact Trio for prepared motors, amplified foam board, 100 glass head pins
TACETi Ensemble – ฆ้อง ราว ท่อ (ฆ. ร. ท.) / Collective of Resonations
Dieter Schnebel – Reproduction of Schnebel: Konzert für Harley Davidson, trombone and synth
Mauricio Kagel – Eine Brise (A Breeze)
Jiradej Setabundhu — MIDORI, theater work
Giordano Bruno do Nascimento — Kevin, das ist einfach so dumm…
Anothai Nitibhon – Rebreath
Jiradej Setabundhu – Even Cathy Berberian
Tze Yeung Ho – luft. õhk. ilma. three tableaux for wind quartet and clown
Zhuosheng Jin — Pale Flower I - A mini stage work for one performer, objects, and light
John Eagle — Fulcra for 2 performers and installation
Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Tele Tera for electric guitar, lights, video, and orchestra
Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Squeaky Clean for ensemble, installation and loudspeakers
Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Run Run Run for joggy group and aerobic group
Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Shrimp for 4 performers, A.I. generative music, videos and electronics
Robot Club Engineering Robot Ensemble KMITL
Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei — Tok-Tik for ensemble with theater
Han Xu – Etude No.7 for two practitioners
Jiradej Setabundhu – Pipe VS Machine for percussion and electronics
Anothai Nitibhon – ดีด สี ตี เป่า  Composition for Ensemble
Anothai Nitibhon – AnAnt for Techno-Orchestra
Travis Christopher Johns — Composition for Ensemble
Cornell Collaboration 2022 — Cornell Composers

Local Playlist: New Orient 2020

Mutation of Sounds and Dialogues: British Council Grant 2022 UK-SEA Asia Connections Through Culture

Collaboration and Presentation with Japanese Organization

“Resilience, Distance, Connection in Isolation, Space from Afar” supported by British Council Grant 2021: UK-Southeast Asia Connections Through Culture