Tacet(i) Repertoire (Artists Last Name A – Z)


Alberto Arroyo (Call for Scores Winner) Desde el vértice for violin and cello

John Aulich – Billows of Muteness, Movement 1 for violin, gravity bone (prepared trombone) and live electronics

Thanakrit Amornwetsanti — Wet Fingers for alto saxophone, violin, percussion, and electronics 


Anak Baiharn – Consistency Errors for Electric Guitar solo

Konstantinos Baras – eRooR/Occuurd for baritone saxophone, trombone, tuba, percussion, electric guitar, keyboard

Carola Bauckholt – Vakuum Lieder

Ashkan Behzadi — Deseo for ensemble

Josh Biggs – and or in between for strings trio and tape

Paulo Brito — Shadow Steps for Alto Flute Solo 

Kyle Brenn — Get To Me for clarinet, saxophone, trombone, cello, guitar and drum set

Jason Thorpe Buchanan — Emergent Phenomena for electric guitar, alto saxophone, bass trombone, and generative electronics

Jason Thorpe Buchanan – all-forgetting-is-retrieval for ensemble with sensor conductor and electronics

Jason Thorpe Buchanan – Reflexive Iterations

Jason Thorpe Buchanan – oggetti II for the TACETi Ensemble and TNMAS 2021

Jason Thorpe Buchanan — walkside, lost for Three Percussionists 

Jean-Patrick Besingrand – Izanami for solo saxophone

Jean-Patrick Besingrand – La lutte pour la lumière for baritone saxophone and tape

Jean-Patrick Besingrand — Une herbe flottante à la racine coupée for saxophone solo

Can Bilir – Quintet for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Teetawat Boonchuailea – Suphanna Matcha inside a Trapezium for 2 guitars      


Jean-David Caillouët – Conformity Obscures Visions of Independent Desires

Laura Cetilia – Sinking, into place for Strings, Flute, Clarinet and Tuba

Laura Cetilia  – as metal as air for ensemble and objects

Chawin Temsittichok — Conjuring for alto saxophone, trombone, and cello 

Chinnapat Charoenrat — Circus Electrique for clarinet, drum set, and keyboard

Chinnapat Charoenrat – Inequality

Chinnapat Charoenrat – Action Potential for piano trio

Viskamol Chaiwanichsiri – and thus, the lotus blooms for ensemble

Poumpak Charuprakorn — Contacting Surfaces for household items and live electronics

Poumpak Charuprakorn – Natya for ensemble

Morakot Cherdchoo-ngarm – Narcissus for ensemble

Zi Tao Chua — Composition for an Electric Ensemble

Nichagarn Chiracharasporn — Cantabile for solo saxophone 

Nichagan Chiracharasporn – The Formation for chamber ensemble

Tanapon Chiwinpiti – …au blanc for ensemble

JunYi Chow – Neon Nightfall for saxophone, clarinet and trombone

Luk Wai-Chun – Blue Pole for string quartet

Sergio Cote – space I for two performers with bluetooth wireless speakers, pink noises(s), and ensemble

Sergio Cote – All breathing is circular, all breathing is sound II” for solo saxophone

Sergio Cote – n for mixed chamber ensemble sine tones, and two loudspeakers

Sergio Cote – for guitar soloist and three accompanying bowed string instruments

Sergio Cote – Lineas del Raval for cello solo

Daniel Cui — Outlier for Mixed Ensemble and Fixed Media


Narongrit Dhamabutra – The Quintet for the Spirits of ASEAN for Piano Quintet

Luis Miguel Delgado Grande – Tiempo Cero for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Erika Dohi — Tenderly for clarinet, saxophone, cello, guitar and piano 


John Eagle — Fulcra for 2 performers and installation

John Eagle – Diamond rotations, for 6 mobile instrumental performers

Christopher Enloe — Dance at the Edge of Everywhere for electric guitar solo


Tobias Fandel — error diffusion setup for Clarinet in Bb, Alto saxophone, Trombone, Electric guitar and Cello

Miles Jefferson Friday — Sonic Operator for four sonic operators, resonant objects, and audio feedback

Miles Jefferson Friday – Simple Music for ensemble

Miles Jefferson Friday – for bass clarinet, trombone, cello, contact microphones, loudspeakers, and motors, acoustic instruments and sound sculpture

Miles Jefferson Friday Variable Needles for amplified saxophone, clarinet, guitar and turntable

John Franek — DE MOTU CORDIS for conductor and mixed ensemble

John Franek – KATADROSERA for mixed chamber ensemble


Alric Godfrey – Quartet for flute, trombone, cello and classical guitar

Alric Godfrey — (a)Systematic Meta-Transmutations for Clarinet, Viola and Percussion 

Alric Godfrey — The Nightingale Alchemist for ensemble for soprano, flute, clarinet and percussion

Erin Gee — Mouthpiece 28 for ensemble 

Nathanael Gubler – Der Schattentanz des Kalifen Storch for piano trio with electronics

Nathanael Gubler – on line for solo baritone saxophone

Masatora Goya – ONOKORO Concerto for hichiriki and strings


Yule Han — Orbit for Clarinet in Bb, Alto saxophone, Trombone, Electric guitar and Cello

Mauro Hertig – One Last Time, the Same for two soprano saxophones

Mauro Hertig – My Social Muscle for five performers

Jin Hee Han – We Cry for cello solo I. Keen for & II. Failure is impossible

Amadea Halim — Hide and Seek for Bass Clarinet and Electronics

Ng Kwun Ho — H O N G K O N G· R O M A N Z A for String Trio

Tze Yeung Ho — söpöhöpö for mezzo, percussion, electric piano, viola, and cello

Tze Yeung Ho – luft. õhk. ilma. three tableaux for wind quartet and clown

Chung Shih Hoh – Secret Music One for ensemble

Chi-Yen Huang — Elvedonian Lady per se for Violin and Viola

Oswald Huỳnh – Frequent Wind for trio and amplified music box


Kittiphan Janbuala – F(r)ee Road for Live Audio-Visual Composition

Kittiphan Janbuala – With The Bee Gees for amplified guitar and amplified bass clarinet with overdrives and reverbs

Poomrapee Japaksetr — Fake Lost for alto saxophone and piano

Zhuosheng Jin — not here… not there… somewhere… II for violin and viola

Zhuosheng Jin — Pale Flower I – A mini stage work for one performer, objects, and light

Travis Christopher Johns — Composition for Ensemble


Mauricio Kagel – Eine Brise (A Breeze)

Natsuki Kandatsu – Lypophrenia for ensemble

Natsuki Kandatsu – Sound of the last train

Amir Khalaf — Nil for amplified ensemble

Solomon Kim — Let’s Flood the Market! for alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and snare drum

Seo Yoon Kim — 봄밤에 쓰는 편지 (Writing a Letter on a Spring Night) for saxophone and piano 

Joel Frederick Kirk — Calendar of murmurs for Septet 

Jirapat Krutniyom — Seven Deadly Sins for unaccompanied clarinet

Peter Kramer – Dein Bildnis for solo piano

Panayiotis Kokoras – Cymatics for cymbal

Emily Koh – within the inside down for trombone solo

Emily Koh – aphonia for vocalizing violin and viola

Emily Koh — Unheard for Bass Clarinet and Baritone Saxophone 

Akari Komura – Deep beneath the feet for soprano (alto) saxophone, tenor trombone, tuba, guitar and percussion

Daria Kwiatkowska — The Heat for clarinet, alto saxophone, vibraphone, electric guitar, and cello


Mathieu Lacroix – North Star for solo flute & electronics

Kevin Lang – The Art of Baroque for clarinet, cello and piano

Evan Lawson — Echoes from the Labyrinth for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, and cello

Chie Tsang Lee – Linangkit for oboe solo

Jia Yi Lee — micro/macro for mixed quintet

Jia Yi Lee — eclipse II for saxophone and clarinet

YoungJun Lee — Conversation IV – mediated debat for violin, viola, and cello

Matthias Leboucher — I tried so hard to be quiet for Trombone, Keyboard, Violin, and Vibraphone 

Kevin Leomo – limen for clarinet, trombone, electric guitar, cello, piano, percussion

Kevin Leomo – signs of absence for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, two violins, viola, cello

Filippo Lepre — Strappi Svelano Scorci for Septet 

Nattakon Lertwattanaruk — Buzzes for ensemble 

Nattakorn Lertwattanaruk – Through Each Cavern for Clarinet and Percussion 

Ying-Ting Lin — Memories of Landscape 

Ying-Ting Lin – …And Liszt Moaned Samsara for ensemble and electronics

Wen Liu – Infinite Configuration for tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, and guitar

Geli Li – Long Nights for percussion, clarinet, alto saxophone and cello

Pengyi Li — Quartet? Soloist! for Flute and string trio

Daiwei Lu — BEATZ4REMIXOLOGY for electric guitar solo

Yi-Ting Lu – Raindrops on Cracked Mud for bass flute, soprano saxophone, percussion, and piano

Wenbin Lyu – TURBULENT MIND for mixed sextet

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Smelly Tubes for 14 instrumentalists

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – (SUR)FACE for ensemble and electronics

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Play Your Sin in Hell” for sax neck with tube and guitar with object

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Surrounding Obsession for ensemble and video

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Tele Tera for electric guitar, lights, video, and orchestra

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – moving for moving piano and portable electronics 

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Daeng for three electric guitars

Piyawat Louilarpprasert – Run Run Run for joggy group and aerobic group

Piyawat Louilarpprasert — Ramming Stones 

Piyawat Louilarpprasert — Squeaky Clean for ensemble, installation and loudspeakers 

Piyawat Louilarpprasert — Necromancy for Beginners, an immersive theater

Piyawat Louilarpprasert — Shrimp for 4 performers, A.I. generative music, videos and electronics


Mahakit Mahaniranon — Madman in the paradise for 4 players

Mahakit Mahaniranon — (Lost) Consciousness for flute, cello and classical guitar

Mahakit Mahaniranon – กล่อม Glom, Lullaby for Nightmare for violin, viola, cello and electric keyboard

Anselm McDonnell—The Anguish of John Paton for viola solo

Anselm McDonnell—Eyewitnesses of his majesty: Judas, who betrayed him for guitar solo

Anselm McDonnell—A single tree is not called a forest for sextet 

Anselm McDonnell – Cross-Purposes for b-flat clarinet/bass clarinet, cello & mixed media

Enrique Medoza – Zenosyne for saxophone, piano, and percussion

Michael Mills — Rhymes With Malaise for ensemble

Shin Misutani – Harpocratēs for flute/piccolo, clarinet in Bb/bass clarinet, and violin

Joe Mukamal — Continual Repose for Guitar and Clarinet


Tanawat Naruepai — Bisexuality, Deer, Decapitation for mixed ensemble

Giordano Bruno do Nascimento — Kevin, das ist einfach so dumm…

Anothai Nitibhon – AnAnt for Techno-Orchestra

Anothai Nitibhon – Utter for clarinet, cello and piano

Anothai Nitibhon – Rebreath

Komsan Nomhunsa — “อิ-หยัง-วะ” (What is art) for 12 musical instruments


Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri — Square quartet for foam boards with strings

Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri — Contact Trio for prepared motors, amplified foam board, 100 glass head pins      

Jirath Patpradit  — Recession for Solo Instrument, Vocal and Electronics 

Jirath Patpradit – Black, Hero (黑,ヒーロー) For violin, viola and electronic sounds

Jirath Patpradit – Hong Kong 2019 for electronic and video

Yayi Wira Pamungkas — Dopplering DIY for Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Violoncello, and Electronics 

Sompong Panthong – Sonata in G for trombone and piano

Siraseth Pantura-umporn – Weaving for 6 musicians

Udi Perlman — Bellows for ensemble

Marc Perez — Black Blossom for oscillator, keyboard, guitar and cello

Chudalux Pinan – Jing Yao for saxophone and string quartet

Chudalux Pinan – Bases for Spiritual Power for piano trio

Yootapong Piyachan – No Awesome for flute and violin

Watchara Pluemyart — “ฝุ่น” (Fùn)

Narong Prangcharoen – The Dawn Of Darkness for tenor saxophone and fixed media “motion score”

Stefan Prins – Piano Hero #1 An immersive cycle for amplified grand piano, midi-keyboard, live-video and live-electronics

Harry Pogorzelski-Ponichtera — A Very High Tower for cello solo   


Julio Quinones — Hasta Que El Corazon Aguante for Clarinet in Bb, Alto saxophone, Trombone, Electric guitar and Cello


Robot Club Engineering Robot Ensemble KMITL

Eleni Ralli — The Butterfly Effect for ensemble

Eleni Ralli – Whatever makes you happy  for ensemble

Eleni Ralli – 5 Mysterious Scenes for solo violin

Ethan Resnik — Lighthearted Allusions for Ensemble 

Jonas Regnier — FLOU, FLASH, LUCIDE for flute, clarinet, trombone, e. guitar, percussion, keyboard, violin and cello 

Jonas Regnier – Thickness Rain for flute, clarinet, percussion, electric guitar, piano and cello

Kyle Rivera — Behold A Pale Horse for five players

Kyle Rivera — Seraphim for Quintet 

Nicolas Roulive – Toccatina for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano and electronics

Jeremy Rosenstock – trumpet -> ear -> drum for trombone, tuba and percussion


Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei — Tok-Tik for ensemble with theater 

Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei – At any rate for ensemble

Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei – At any rate – II for strings quartet

Daniel Serrano — Klimt’s Gardens for flute, violin, viola and cello

Jiradej Setabundhu — TS Plays Balinese Underground

Jiradej Setabundhu — MIDORI, theater work

Jiradej Setabundhu – Pipe VS Machine for percussion and electronics

Jiradej Setabundhu – Even Cathy Berberian

Candra Bangun Setyawan – Brandal Lokajaya for 8 musicians flute, clarinet in Bb, alto saxophone, percussion, e-guitar, violin, viola and cello

Zhou Shaocong  – Rivers in Oblivion for guitar, clarinet, viola and percussion 

Chatori Shimizu – Sadistic Papillon for string quartet

Chatori Shimizu – Translucent for solo guitar

Giacinto Scelsi – Maknongan for tuba solo

Tomasz Skweres – Deuterium for violin solo

Dieter Schnebel – Reproduction of Schnebel: Konzert für Harley Davidson, trombone and synth

Thanakarn Schofield – Cetasika for solo violin

Thanakarn Schofield — Hear My Prayers for ensemble 

Thanakarn Schofield – CounterPunk for E. Guitar and Amplified Viola

Thanakarn Schofield  – Mono-Morphing for soprano saxophone, clarinet, trombone, violin and cello

Thanakarn Schofield – Ideo – Intact for flute, bass clarinet, violin & viola

Thanakarn Schofield – …Dust Pile for ensemble

Thanakarn Schofield – Cyclic – Off Shift for saxophone, percussion, piano, electric guitar, and violin

Thanakarn Schofield – Shaman for trombone, tuba, percussion

Thanakarn Schofield  – Narcissus for oboe, percussion, and piano

Thatchatham Silsupan  – A Gift – from Arnont for Tacet(i) for amplified DIY mobile instrument, and live projection

Thatchatham Silsupan – The Spirit of Dead Cow for prepared instrumental ensemble

Boonrut Sirirattanapan — Obsession in Metal for Bronze Drums, Thai Gong, and Computer

Varis Sirisook – Just D-E-A-D for violin duo

Varis Sirisook – BOW & AERO:Takes Off for electric guitar and string quartet

Tyshawn Sorey — For jaimie branch for ensemble 

Attakorn Sookjaeng – Flashback for pierrot ensemble

Simon Steen-Andersen – Next to Beside Besides

Jakob Stillmark – Geisterschatten for ensemble and electronics

Waris Sukontapatipark – The Study of Leadership in a Musical Ensemble for Ensemble

Waris Sukontapatipark – Solfège for flute and guitar with electronic

Waris Sukontapatipark – Rippling Origin for tuba and interactive electronics

Wiwat Suthiyam – Act Abstract for 10 instruments and 1 actor


TACETi Ensemble – ฆ้อง ราว ท่อ (ฆ. ร. ท.) / Collective of Resonations

Yuting Tan – Dream Sequence for saxophone, trombone, percussion, electric guitar and piano

Ophat Taerattanachai – Tristesses de la Lune for baritone and pierrot ensemble

Nikorn Sae Tang – Dark Chamber Theatre (Art Performance)

Irene Tanuwidjaja — Disconnect III for Ensemble

Pongthorn Techaboonakho – Clarirage for clarinet and electronics

Pongthorn Techaboonakho – Tête-à-tête for violin, cello and electronic

Pongthorn Techaboonakho – Resilience for viola solo

Chawin Temsittichok – In-between resonances for chamber ensemble

Pablo Martinez Teutli — Brisa de ópalo for Ensemble

Nicholas Tran — My Amygdala Rested Scorned for Clarinet in Bb, Alto saxophone, Trombone and Cello

Anusorn Tunyapalit – Thradio for Installation with live performance with Ensemble Laboratory


Saksiri Pang Vongtaradon – Dreams Falling From Sky Like Raindrops for Bass Clarinet and Percussion

Saksri Pang Vongtaradon — Demon Who Lives Inside My Head for Vocal, Cello, Percussions and Video 


Eric Wubbles — INSTRUMENTS: Quintet as Quartet for ensemble

Papartpong Wanpakdee – 9 Hypnagogic chapter with live performance with Ensemble Laboratory

Barry Yuk Bun Wan – The Misty Morning 晨霧 for alto/tenor saxophone, violin, cello and Fixed media

Jing Wang — Augenstern for piccolo, toy piano, violin, viola, cello and percussion

Andrew Watts – Wirewound for mixed chamber ensemble

Bertram Wee – two fragments from misanthrope for string trio

Chen Wei – The Lunar for clarinet, saxophone, trombone, viola, e.guitar and percussion 

Chuck White – Artifacts of memory for ensemble and electronics

Lauren Whritner — Water-Based for Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Electric Guitar

Meredith Wickless — Moonwater for Alto Saxophone, and Electric Guitar

Scott Wilson — Ember for Ensemble and Live Electroacoustics

Scott Wilson – Flame for violin and electroacoustic

Scott Wilson – Brennen for clarinet and electroacoustic

Scott Wilson – Blue for clarinet and electronics 

Scott Wilson – LOW’s for ensemble 

Scott Wilson – head-neck-chest-four-five-six-thing for ensemble and electronics

Scott Wilson — ข้างนอก (outside) for Ensemble 

Voraprach Wongsathapornpa – Svarga for flute, violoncello, and DIY percussion instruments

Shiyu Wu — Firmament Undulation for ensemble 


Han Xu – Etude No.7 for two practitioners

Qi Xia — Inaudible Sound for Clarinet in Bb, Alto saxophone, Trombone, Electric guitar and Cello

Lin Xinyuan  – Transparent Wind for clarinet, saxophone, viola, guitar, trombone and marimba 


Toh Yan Ee — Mirrors for solo Trombone

Toh Yan Ee – H X B X T X T for amplified Ensemble

Toh Yan Ee – Iridescent shadows for flute and bass clarinet



Manjing Zhang — Vicissitudes for Ensemble 

Kostas Zisimopoulos — Interruptions for Ensemble 

Runzhi Zhong — Frozen TIme for alto flute, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, cello, and keyboard

Runzhi Zhong — jardalanin for flute, bass clarinet, percussion, acoustic guitar, violin and violoncello