Upcoming Event:

Metamorphosis of Post-dramatic Theatre: Paper, Panel Discussion and Performance

28 – 30 August 2020

The ensemble joins Princess Galayani Vadhana Institute of Music Symposium (PGVIS) to explore works related to the idea of “metamorphosis of “post-dramatic theatre” in the context of virtuality and performativity”. Tacet(i) will give 2 performances of contemporary works which includes works by Maurico Kagel, Dieter Schnebel, Simon Steen-Andersen, Carola Bauckholt Manos Tsangaris, and Piyawat Louilarpprasert. Moreover, our music director, Piyawat Louilarpprasert will lead 2 panels to discuss about this musical area with the ensemble and artists in Thailand. The symposium is held at PGVIM, 24 – 30 of August 2020.

Tacet(i) Ensemble 
25 – 26 Aug 2020
Congratulations to Winning Composers:
Chung Shih Hoh (Singapore), 
Secret Music One (2020) for ensemble
Eleni Ralli (Greece/Switzerland), Whatever makes you happy  (2017) for ensemble
Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece/USA), Cymatics (2018) for cymbal
Mathieu Lacroix (Canada/Norway), North Star (2018) for solo flute & electronics
Nicolas Roulive (Belgium/France), Toccatina (2019) for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano and electronics
Luk Wai-Chun (Hong Kong), Blue Pole《歸墟 (2018) for String Quartet

Schedule (Time Zone in Thailand):
August 25th, 2PM – 6PM: Open Rehearsal at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)
August 26th, 1PM – 2.30PM: Online/Public Concert, Recording Sessions at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)
Free Admission, Limited Seats, Please RSVP: tacetiensemble@gmail.com
September 13th, 8PM – 9PM: Streaming Performance (rewatch online) from your home (FB: TACETIensemble)

“International Composition Institute of Thailand (ICIT) 2020″

postponed to 15 – 20 December 2020 at Bangkok Art and Culture Center

Tacet(i) Ensemble collaborates Meitar Ensemble (Israel), reConvert (Spain/Switzerland) and ICIT composers: Jason Thrope Buchanan, Jean-Patrick Besingrand, Jiradej Setabunhu and Emily Koh to give workshop, masterclass in compositions for selected participants. The prize for winner is $1000 USD.


Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium 2020 “Human, Technology and Simulation” 

postponed to 15 – 20, December 2020

Tacet(i) Ensemble and TMAO collaborate with Meitar Ensemble (Israel), reConvert (Spain/Switzerland) and many more artists to conduct the new art/music symposium at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC)

Program: more than 45 works from artists, composers and performers from around the world


“Tacet(i) at China-ASEAN music festival 2020″

28 May – 3 June 2020, Guangxi University, Nanning (postponed to November 2020)

Tacet(i) Ensemble will perform at China-ASEAN music festival 2020. Programs will include Thai and international composers.


Tacet(i) X Kanazawa Citizens Performing Art Center Musicians in Japan

11 – 15 August 2020 (postponed to March 2021)

Tacet(i) Ensemble and TMAO collaborate with Kanazawa Citizens Performing Art Center Musicians in Japan to curate a concert in Kanazawa, Japan with the exchange collaboration at Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium 2020.

Program: Thai and Japanese composers’s works


Past Event:

CNN News Reported: Meet the rebel Thai composer taking music to unheard heights

July 2020

An exclusive opportunity invitation by CNN Worlds News Producer, Dan Q. Tham as a part of “Young and Gifted”.
Karla Cripps, the reporter interviewed Piyawat’s aspect of art, music and one of the recent performative piece, Smelly Tubes for ensemble Taceti and Princess Galayani Vadhana Institute of Music Performers.

Tacet(i) at Cornell University: Hearing Visibilities 2019

Piyawat Louilarpprasert received a grant from Cornell Council of Arts (CCA) to curate a series of multimedia music and art performance in New York. Tacet(i) Members, Pisol Manatchinapisit joined the troupe with Guillermo Presa (saxophonist), Sergio Cote and Jean-Patrick Besingrand (composers) to perform the cycle of this series consists 5 performances from 29 of August to 5 of September 2019 in Silvana (New York City), Sacred Root KAVA (Ithaca), Telluride House Association (Cornell Campus) and Lincoln Hall (Cornell University, Ithaca). 



“Beyond the Boundaries”, new music for the 21st century, Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium 2019

6 – 7 July 2019, Bangkok Arts and Culture Center

with the collaboration with Ensemble Laboratory and Thailand Music and Art Organization (TMAO)


1. call for young local and international applicants (to be announced)
2. workshop for local and international musicians and composers
3. lectures on contemporary classical music, electronic music, experimental music and sound installation techniques by international and local artists from around the world
4. art exhibition by selected artists
5. 2 evening concerts at Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center



Collaborative Concert in Funabashi-City Nishi-Narashino: Tacet(i) X Kazue Takehana

3 August 2019

The Tacet(i) Member, Noppakorn Auesirinucroch will collaborate with Japanese artist, Kazue Takehana to perform new works by Thai, Japanese and international composers at 7pm, August 3rd, 2019,  274-0815 Chiba Prefecture Funabashi-City Nishi-Narashino 4-2-1, Japan.

Tacet(i) Duo in Amsterdam

23 – 24 November 2018

Pisol Manatchinapisit (saxophone), Noppakorn Auesirinucroch (Guitar), Thitipol Piseskul (saxophone) and Chatori Shimizu (Sho)

with the collaboration with Netherlands composers, Tesselat Composer Collective, and TMAO


“Translucent” for solo guitar, Chatori Shimizu (b.1990)
“Izanami” for solo saxophone, Jean – Patrick Besingrand (b. 1985)
“Play Your Sin in Hell” for sax neck with tube and guitar with object, Piyawat Louilarpprasert (b. 1993)
“All breathing is circular, all breathing is sound II” for solo saxophone, Sergio Cote (b. 1987)
“Hallimasch” for solo shō, Silke Eberhart (b. 1972)


Tacet(i) and TMAO Concert in Bangkok at Goethe Institute, Bangkok, 2017

Composers x Performers x Collaboration

Korn Roongruangchai, Violin

Chaiphat Tripipitsiriwat, clarinet

Thitipol Piseskul, saxophone

Kreksakul Jaree, Piano


Piyawat Louilarpprasert

Visakamol Chaivanichsiri

Thanakarn Schofield



Thailand International Composition Festival 2016 

Concert: 19 July 7pm – 9 pm

Program (Call for Scores Winners)

Tanapon Chiwinpiti, (ugoki+alg.-e) 動き+alq.絵 for 6 musicians with amplified

Yootapong Piyachan, No Awesome for flute and violin

Attakorn Sookjaeng, Flashback for pierrot ensemble

Thanakarn Henry Schofield, Narcissus for oboe, percussion, and piano

Ophat Taerattanachai, Tristesses de la Lune for baritone and pierrot ensemble

Wiwat Suthiyam, Act Abstract for 10 instruments and 1 actor

Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Surrounding Obsession for ensemble and multimedia

Siraseth Pantura-umporn, Weaving for 6 musicians

John Melcher, Kangaroo for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, saxophone, and piano

Narongrit Dhamabutra, The Quintet for the Spirits of ASEAN for Piano Quintet

Sanook Boonpan, flute
Jedbadin Winijsit, oboe
Pisol Manatchinapisit, saxophone
Chaiphat Tripipitsiriwat, Christhatai Paksamai, clarinet
Wasawat Phayakkakul, Nitiphum Bamrungbanthum, trumpet
Siravith Kongbandalsuk, trombone
Kantapong Rakbankerd, Chaiyaphat Prempree, percussion
Varissara Tanakom, Korn Roongruangchai, violin
Tapanatt Kiatpaibulkit, Saksilpa Srisuksorn, viola
Roypim Thavornsuwan, violoncello
Phasin Taesuwan, double bass
Kerksakul Jaree, piano
Chayanit Buasup, soprano

Thailand International Composition Festival 2015

Tacet(i) Program in TICF, Young-Thai Composer Concert


Natya, Poumpak Charuprakorn

Lumiere-et-Iespace, Wiwat Suthiyam

Morning Rush, Ophat Taerattanachai

Hidden Voices, Nantpipat Vutthisak

Narcissus, Morakot Cherdchoo-ngarm

Septet no.2, Kitti Kuremanee

FM, Woodtipon Phumcokluc

Portrait of the Three Temples, Narongrit Dhamabutra

The Spirit of Dead Cow, Thatchatham  Silsupan

Sanook Boonpan and Praewa Chumsilpsiri, flute
Jedbadin Winijsit, oboe
Phuket Areesamarn , Noppavee Aree and Jompob Suraphat, clarinet
Kitsada Chairattanasak, saxophone
Korn Roongruangchai, Saksilpa Srisuksorn and Varissara Tanakom, violin
Tapanatt Kiatpaibullkit, viola
Teerakiat Kerdlarp and Roypim Thavornsuwan, violoncello
Phasin Taesuwan, double bass
Kerksakul Jaree, piano
Teeraboon Paisarn and Kantapong Rakbankerd, percussion
Polyiam Palitponganpim, violin
Tanutt Tanavoravongsa and Pinpinut Sribumrungkiat, viola
Guntiga Comenaphatt, violoncello

CMC Experimental Sound Project : No.1 “Hor”, at Chiangmai 2015


Tacet(i) musicians were invited to perform experimental music and improvisation alongside with curator, Thatchatham Silsupan, Anont Nongyao and Nut Sawassdee



Jedbadin Winijsit, oboe

Wasawat Phayakul, trumpet

Pitikiat J., trombone

Piyawat Louilarpprasert, electronics

“Contemporary Carols” Solo concert

Saturday 26 December 2015 at Siam Ratchada Auditorium, G Floor Yamaha Fortune Town, Bangkok, Thailand


Viskamol Chaivanichsiri, “oboe solo”

Chudalux Pinan, “Horn Solo” for horn solo

Kanokpak C., “saxophone solo”

Ray Leung, “trombone solo”

Piyawat Louilarpprasert “guitar solo”

Tanapon Chiwinpiti “snare drum / electronics solo”

Septian Dwi Cahyo “trumpet solo”

Piyawat Louilarpprasert “piano solo”

Chinnawat Themkumkwun, guitar
Jedbadin Winijsit, oboe
Nattapon Khasak, horn
Nitiphum Bamrungbanthum, trumpet
Piyawat Louilarpprasert, trombone
Kerksakul Jaree, piano
Chinnapat Charoenrat, percussion

“Sound Check” concert, 20 August 2015

Taceti Collaboration – Multimedia/Electronics – Surrounding Obsession

Sanook Boonpan, flute
Jedbadin Winijsit, oboe
Pisol Manatchinapisit, Thitipol Piseskul, saxophone
Chaiphat Tripipitsiriwat, clarinet
Nitiphum Bamrungbanthum, trumpet
Siravith Kongbandalsuk, trombone
Kantapong Rakbankerd, Chaiyaphat Prempree, percussion
Varissara Tanakom, Korn Roongruangchai, violin
Tapanatt Kiatpaibulkit, viola
Roypim Thavornsuwan, violoncello
Phasin Taesuwan, double bass
Kerksakul Jaree, piano
Piyawat Louilarpprasert, director